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11 Best Flamingo Coloring Pages for Free

Flamingo coloring pages, free printable flamingo coloring books, why are flamingos pink? Flamingos get their striking pink color from their food. The algae and crustaceans on the flamingos menu contain certain colour pigments that make them pink. While all flamingos have this typical light pink to bright pink colour, the Andean flamingos fry an extra sausage: they are the only flamingo species with yellow legs. Why do flamingos often stand on one leg? There are dozens of theories that deal with this puzzle. The most likely one is that flamingos put on one leg to lose less body heat and save energy. Once the leg is under the feathers and no longer in the cold water, the heart does not have to pump so much blood through the veins. Here is the Flamingo Colouring Templates gallery.

Flamingo Coloring Pages Gallery for Kids

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Printable flamingo coloring page

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