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Giza Pyramid Coloring Pages

The three Giza pyramids must have made an unreal impression on the observer – abstract geometric symbols stood at the edge of the desert, huge bright white triangles visible from afar. The Giza pyramids with the Cheops pyramid as the largest pyramid of all are the only still existing wonder of the ancient world. Every theory of pyramid construction must be measured against it. Only those who pass this test can speak of a functioning pyramid construction method. The Cheops pyramid is the measure of all things in this area, what works here must also work with the other pyramids!

Special Giza Pyramid Difficulties
The volume of the pyramid of Cheops of 2’583’283m³ limestones [3]
One stone per minute that has to be used if you want to finish building in about 20 years.
The height of 146.59m, in particular the accomplishment of the last 50m
The large angle of inclination of 52
The huge hard granite beams weighing up to 50 tons, which had to be transported and processed from Aswan and lifted up to 65m.

Free Printable Giza Pyramid Coloring Pages

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