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Since around 4000 years horses and ponies accompany people – earlier than pure workhorse, today mostly as a mount and beloved companion. Starting at the Prehistoric ancestors, such as the 20cm high Eocene, Oligocene with 60cm height, and the Miocene and Pleistocene, up on the breeding of donkeys, the today’s horse races to the popular domestic horses, herauskri-crystallizes by domesticated wild horses developed.

Wild horses are even still existing in the wild in the French Camargue, in which they can largely undisturbed live out their natural and wild style.

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In the open stable the horses usually live in groups (herd quality would be desirable) in the outdoor area and have permanent access to a protected barn. The term open stable means that they can choose horses freely whether they wish to stay in the stable part of or under the open sky. This is the temperament of the horse very accommodating, therefore we speak of animal welfare. The roughage feeding the horses will be in the group (usually by feeding rack or racks that can visit the horses at any time). Attached to the open stable and the paddock area are the pastures. Horses must not be brought to pasture by but can be reached through open doors themselves and also during the grazing period anytime because Stall visit (for example, as sun / rain and insect protection). An open stall However, if not properly thought out and too small stress mean for the horse and is in such a case is not the best solution.

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