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Smallfoot Coloring Pages

Smallfoot – A unique adventure movie. In this 3D-animated adventure for the whole family, a curious young yeti sets off in search of a creature with small feet: the human being. The mighty Yeti Migo (originally spoken by Channing Tatum) is convinced that there must be people out there somewhere. Because none of the other Yetis, who live far away in the mountains, has seen a real person, nobody believes him. Humans are just a legend. Migo sets out with some friends to find out the truth. Before they know it, they slide into a big adventure. The opposite of Bigfoot is of course Smallfoot. In the animation adventure director Karey Kirkpatrick (“Ab durch die Hecke”) a Yeti sets out to find Smallfoot, the human being. The script is based on a story by Sergio Pablo, the inventor of “I – Simply Incorrigible”. In the English original you can hear Channing Tatum (“Kingsman: The Golden Circle”) as Migo and stars like Gina Rodriguez (“Auslöschung”) and Danny DeVito (“The Comedian – Wer zuletzt lacht”). Lets find out smallfoot coloring pages for kids.

Smallfoot Movie Coloring Pages

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