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The watermelon is very popular especially in summer, because on hot days we especially like to taste the juicy fruit. A high water content and fruity taste make watermelons a healthy refreshment – almost without calories. This type of melon is best eaten fresh and raw, but delicious Watermelon recipes such as punch, smoothies or fruit sorbet are the racers at every garden party.

Watermelon: calories and vitamins

First and foremost, a watermelon – as its name suggests – contains about 95 percent water. Apart from this, the fruit fibres also contain many A and C vitamins. In addition, there is a significant iron content and a low sodium content, which together with the large amount of water drains and cleans the kidneys.

information about watermelon fruit
A watermelon has hardly any calories, only about 24 kcal per 100 grams. The seeds of this melon are not to be despised either, as they contain vitamins, minerals, fat and protein.
Watermelons are traded as fruit in this country. Botanically, watermelons, like all other melons, belong to the pumpkin family. The watermelon is actually a vegetable.

Nevertheless, watermelons are eaten in our regions rather than fruit. Their refreshing, discreet sweetness tastes pure or in a colourful fruit salad. But perhaps it is because watermelon is botanically a vegetable that can be combined just as well with hearty foods: With feta, onions and olives, for example, it becomes a summer salad. Watermelon can also be grilled in slices and, if necessary, supplemented with piquant cheese.

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